130+ Recruiting Software Tools – The 2023 List

Last updated: January 4, 2023

If you want the best software recruiting tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide filled with all the apps that a recruiter needs to do their job.

In fact, there are over 130 free and paid recruiter software tools designed to simplify your life in just one list. And you can filter through the list of tools to find the best ones.

There are applicant tracking systems, CRMs, sourcing tools, AI bots and much more. In fact, there is every app you need to help your recruiting team find the perfect clients and candidates alike.

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Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are hiring databases used by recruiters to collect and track applicant data, and are one of the most common types of recruitment automation technology currently in use. Features of these programs can include sourcing extensions and even video interview technology, so you’ll want to consider your needs carefully when choosing an ATS. Regardless of their extra features, they’re invaluable tools for keeping applicant data organized so you don’t lose track of candidates who are a perfect fit.


This newer entrant to the ATS market has already earned rave reviews from its loyal user base for its amazing customer support, smooth UI and end-to-end functionality, and is a great example of how you build recruiter software that actually inspires you to do your job.


Known for their incredible customer service (their founder replies to emails on Sundays!), Recruitee takes collaborative hiring to the next level: everyone in your team from the least tech-savvy to the most nerdy can work on hiring together with this cloud-based ATS. In addition, Recruitee provides beautiful careers sites for your employer brand, candidate-friendly application forms that you can fully tweak and world class sourcing tools.


Manatal is a cloud-based program designed to simplify your hiring. Along with ATS and CRM systems to manage your jobs and talent pool, its AI-based sourcing will both locate and rank potential candidates to help you find the best fit. The customizable analysis and report dashboard is especially helpful in tracking the success of your recruiting methods.


ATS OnDemand has all of the standard features you would expect from a recruiting tool plus a few that are less common including an employee referral portal, job posting approval process, custom candidate evaluation and assessment forms and candidate texting. Pricing starts at $70/month.

ATS OnDemand

One of the few ATS offerings with publicly available pricing, BrightMove is highly touted by its users as responsive to new ideas. In fact, you can suggest new features and vote for them, with the features that get the most upvotes moved into the development queue.

BrightMove Recruiting Software

A staple of the ATS market, Bullhorn has many enterprise customers and large recruitment agencies as customers. It has many fans among those who use it on a daily basis but note that the price point is definitely geared towards larger customers.


Used by both external recruiters and HR agencies, CATS is known for its end-to-end solution that starts with job postings and finishes with analytics on completed campaigns.


Marketing itself as a “collaborative hiring platform”, Comeet is an award-winning applicant tracking system and CRM for your internal recruiting team. It has traditional ATS features such as sourcing, screening and interviewing and also less common functionality like the ability to easily keep agency recruiters in the loop with one click and automated workflows.


A combination ATS and CRM, Crelate is lauded for its wide-ranging feature set, modern UI and strong customer support. The rave reviews received from its customers demonstrate that this is recruiting software that you need to consider.


Lauded for its intuitive user interface and beautiful design, Greenhouse.io receives consistently positive reviews by everyone who adopts it. In addition, they have an iOS and Android app that lets you use it on the go. Pricing for Greenhouse is dependent on the number of employees and is available on request.


A low-cost alternative ATS recruiting tool, HireHive excels at automatic job board posting, managing employee referrals and branded career sites.


A full service solution for both external and internal recruiters, HiringThing offers best-in-class customer service and quick turnaround on new features requested by its users.


JobAdder is a CRM and ATS in one and is well known for its range of mobile apps that let you access the platform from any device.


Marketed as a sales, recruiting and back office system in one, Jobscience receives excellent reviews from the external recruiters who use it.


Jobsoid is a social media integrated ATS that streamlines your day-to-day recruitment tasks so that you can focus on hiring the right candidates. It does everything from finding the best candidates for scheduling video interviews to keeping them engaged.


Founded in 1999, iCIMS is a tool that is widely used by both recruiting firms and internal recruiters. Given its longevity, it is clearly well liked by many although there are some who complain that it could use a refresh to meet the standards of more modern recruiter software.


Considered one of the top recruiting tools, Lever has features such as one-click sourcing, two-way email sync, and @-mentions that you will not find in many of their competitors.


The feature that sets this ATS/recruiter software apart from its competitors is Loxo AI, a proprietary intelligent sourcing assistant that helps you find the top talent for your role while you spend your time elsewhere.


Although it does not have the prettiest user interface, it does have one feature that sets it apart from every other ATS on the market – it’s free. As the only open source ATS currently available, users (at least those with development backgrounds) can have direct input into new features without paying a dime.


One of the earlier entrants to the ATS game, PCRecruiter, founded in 1998, receives positive reviews from its dedicated user base for its customer service and willingness to continually update the product.


Recruiterbox is the definition of a modern ATS, featuring a fully web-based platform that has an intuitive and simple interface. In addition, it has many features for sourcing (customizable career sites, one-click job posting, auto-creation of candidate profiles) and interviewing (calendar integrations, candidate email templates, auto-responders) that are not always found in even the most up-to-date applicant tracking systems.


Though many recruitment systems have been around for over two decades, most have not moved with the times and are happily selling what they built ten and sometimes even 20 years ago. To bridge this gap, Recruit CRM, a Silicon Valley start-up, has built a cutting edge ATS and CRM.


Recruiterflow is a modern CRM and applicant tracking system for recruiting and executive search firms, designed specifically to make recruiting more productive. It is known for packing powerful features without compromising on user experience and has a clutter-free UI including with one-click sourcing, email automation, and two-way email sync.


Like most modern applicant tracking systems, SmartRecruiters has features such as multi-channel recruitment marketing, collaboration tools and built-in automated processes. However, what sets it apart are its integrations, 250+ services ranging from job boards to sourcing tools to background checks, all of which are available in its Marketplace.


Workable is noted for its full feature set, easy learning curve, top notch customer support and a new sourcing tool called People Search. This recruiter software also offer a $50 per job per month plan for those who have less burdensome hiring needs.


The beauty of Zoho Recruit is its price. It’s rare to see an ATS with a free tier that actually includes enough features to make it functional but Zoho certainly falls into that category. Plus, its paid tiers are reasonably priced and include a range of features built to assist an external recruiter or HR professional with sourcing, candidate management and interviews.

Zoho Recruit

This comprehensive ATS software includes functions for sourcing candidates, interviewing applicants, and collaborative hiring. It’s fully-customizable and offers unlimited channels and users, with an affordable pricing structure that starts at $39/month.[/tool

[tool name="Freshteam" category="ATS" screenshot="https://www.talentheromedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/freshteamScreenshot.png" logo="https://www.talentheromedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Freshteam-Logo.jpg" link="https://www.freshworks.com/hrms/"]
Freshteam is an all-in-one program for all your HR needs. It features both an applicant tracking system and an employee database, with functions for effective onboarding and managing time off requests that you won’t find in most ATS software. The free version supports up to 50 employees and 3 job postings, with a paid version starting at $50/month.


The integrated application builder on tomhrm makes it an easy way to add customized job applications directly on your website. It also includes a team calendar for scheduling interviews, works well with programs like Office 365 and Google Calendar, and tracks important hiring KPIs like time to hire and an analysis of your hiring team’s productivity.


Sage HR is a complete solution for automating a range of HR processes, with shift scheduling, timesheets, and PTO management as well as hiring and onboarding functions. The mobile self-service component is especially helpful for dispersed teams thanks to its eSignature and workflow recipe functions. Its flexible pricing system is based on the size of your team and starts at just $5.50/month per employee.

Sage HR

With TRAFFIT, you can create custom applications and post them quickly to multiple job boards or websites. Its recruitment dashboard and communication center let you efficiently build relationships with candidates, with automated and secure e-mail and SMS messaging and a customizable candidate database with a Boolean search feature.


This AI-based predictive recruiting software automates your recruitment and brand marketing so you can focus on engaging with your top talent. It’s built to work with teams of any size and includes helpful features like video interviews and personality assessments.


With plans starting at $20/month, EasyHire.me is an affordable system for screening and interviewing candidates. It’s especially useful for businesses in the tech industry, with the option of giving applicants technical challenges like troubleshooting or running code.


Contact/Email Finders

Tracking down the phone number or e-mail address for new professional contacts can be a tedious and time-consuming process. A contact finder will do that legwork for you. Programs that also verify the contact information is accurate and active are especially helpful in avoiding bounced messages. They also allow you to store, sort, and export contacts, making them a very useful tool for streamlining your recruiting communications.

Contact/Email Finders

FindEmails is a quick, easy way to locate e-mail contact information so you can connect with decision-makers in your industry. It also verifies that the account is active and your message won’t get bounced back, with the option to verify an entire batch of e-mails at once. Pricing starts at $29/month.

Contact/Email Finders

AeroLeads has all of the features you need in an email finding tool. You can find business emails and phone numbers plus as many as 15 other data points like full name, job title and location. Plus, you can export the data to CSV or transfer it to tools like Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.

Contact/Email Finders

Considered the best by some, ContactOut touts that it can find 2x more emails than the competition and given that it offers 100 free credits per day, there is not much risk to test out their claim. Full pricing details for ContactOut are available on request.

Contact/Email Finders

With access to 30+ million contacts, it’s a good thing that UpLead allows you to filer by 50+ criteria and download all their contact information to Excel, saving you a ton of time. In addition, they provide access to real-time email verification, promising 97% accuracy and a welcome relief from dozens of bounced emails.

Contact/Email FindersOther

If you use LinkedIn (which you obviously do), then you absolutely need Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup is the most efficient way to automate your LinkedIn activity and manage your prospects. Using a simple Chrome extension, you can automate the process of sending custom messages to prospects, following up with automated replies, endorsing connections and following profiles. Plus, you can integrate much of this activity with your ATS and CRM, making this process even more valuable to your lead gen activities.

Contact/Email Finders

Geared exclusively towards finding technical talent, AmazingHiring is recruiting software that scours Github, Stack Overflow and Kaggle profiles to find potential candidates, including those who do not have a LinkedIn account.

Contact/Email Finders

FindThatLead allows users to find people’s corporate emails using data points such as position, location, company, name or industry.

Contact/Email Finders

A free Chrome extension, Hiretual is raved about by sourcers and recruiters for its ability to consistently cut down on the time required to find talent and their contact information. It is free for 15 contacts per month before increasing to $59 per month (billed annually) for 200 contacts per month.

Contact/Email Finders

Hunter is a bit different than other email sourcing tools as it can find all available emails on a given domain and also verify emails, in addition to the features you expect from a standard contact finder.

Contact/Email Finders

A pre-defined Google Search for recruiters, this single page tool performs one task extraordinarily well: it finds profiles on LinkedIn for a given skillset, removing as many extraneous results as possible.

LinkedIn X-ray Search Tool
Contact/Email Finders

Limited to 5 free phone numbers and emails per month, Lusha gets positive reviews by many but you will have to pay to get full use of the product.

Contact/Email Finders

Prophet is a Chrome extension that allows you to visit the Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page of a person and find emails and phone numbers. It comes with 15 free credits per day and you can get more by sharing data with the community or purchasing them. Note that the company does not have a website.

Contact/Email Finders

Respona is an all-in-one blogger outreach platform outfitted with all of the necessary tools to set up and launch an email campaign of any kind, be it for link building, digital PR, marketing, or even sales. It’s integrated with Google’s search engine for streamlined prospecting, pulls metrics like Domain Rating and Ahrefs Rank directly from Ahrefs, and finds bloggers’ contact information for you automatically.

Contact/Email Finders

RocketReach promises to find emails, phone numbers and full profile information from 50+ sites in a single search. The free option is limited to 5 searches/month with 170 searches available for $49/month.

Contact/Email FindersSourcing

Billing itself as a “complete talent acquisition platform”, SignalHire is a sourcing tool with a 200 million prospect database that will quickly allow you to discover a boatload of new candidates for your role and provide you with their contact information. It also has a built-in lightweight ATS that would work for some recruiters.

Contact/Email Finders

Find a profile on LinkedIn, click the “Find email” button and within a few seconds, Skrapp will return the relevant email address. Alternatively, you can export your search results and do the same process in bulk. The tool is free for 150 emails/month so there is no risk in giving Skrapp a try.

Contact/Email Finders

Snovio is a contact finding tool with three core features: domain search (find all of the emails on a given domain), LinkedIn email search (find the email associated with a LinkedIn profile) and company profiles (explore an org chart for various companies). They have a Forever Free plan that offers 100 credits per month, with paid plans starting at $19/month for 1000 credits.

Contact/Email Finders

SourceHub is a clever tool that helps you construct boolean search queries by combining synonyms for the job title, skills and location you enter.

Contact/Email Finders

Along with researching accounts to find email contact information, Datanyze shows you insights like the company’s technology use and social structure. You can search for contacts from any web page and organize them into lists, which can be exported to Google Sheets or a CRM with one click.

Contact/Email Finders

Sellhack automates finding and sending sales e-mails, with a 12-step email verification process that ensures the contact information you find is accurate. It integrates into your personal e-mail and includes reminder and follow-up features that help you manage your e-mail marketing. Pricing is affordable, too, starting at $3/month.

Contact/Email Finders

The main strength of Anymail Finder is its robust search capability. You can search for contacts by job title if you don’t know their name, with a bulk search function for locating multiple e-mails at the same time.

Anymail Finder
Contact/Email Finders

This browser extension is designed to work with social media sites, showing information beyond the profile while you’re browsing and sending it directly to your Gmail inbox.



Customer relationship management (CRM) software lets you store all of your leads and contacts in one place. These are similar to applicant tracking systems (ATS) but for the other side of the equation, giving you an easy way to organize and search client data. Most ATS software has a CRM component built in but there are also stand-alone options, useful if your applicant tracker doesn’t include this feature (or doesn’t offer the functions you need).


An open source and developer-friendly CRM, SugarCRM is a great solution for the recruiter who knows they need to keep better track of their contacts but does not want to break the bank.

Contact/Email Finders

Voila Norbert accelerates the recruitment experience in two ways. First, it will help you find prospects’ details, including their social accounts, job role, and location, using the name of the prospect and their company’s email domain. Second, it verifies email addresses in bulk, removing duplicates, catch-alls, and role-based emails, reducing email bounce and ensuring that outreach messages get to the right person’s inbox with up to a 98% success rate.

Voila Norbert

Marketed as a combination CRM and ATS, Vincere allows you to search for and manage candidates, create fully-branded microsite job boards and post your jobs across the Internet.



Virtual interviews are increasingly becoming the norm. For today’s recruiters, video interviewing tools are a necessity. Interviewing software expands your options for interviewing candidates, with features including one-way videos, skill tests, and assessments in the same platform you use for two-way conversations. This can help you organize all your candidate information, and is especially helpful for sharing interview results and insights with hiring managers or other members of your team.


Spark Hire has a full range of video tools to help you optimize your interview process including one-way interviews, interview evaluation, interview scheduling and a mobile app.

Spark Hire


Adaface helps companies automate their first-round technical interviews in the form of conversational assessments with the help of their AI bot, Ada. They provide 700+ assessments on more than 30+ programming languages for companies to screen applicants for, among others, software engineering and business roles.


Convey enables companies to create customized communications based on where candidates are in the hiring process through messaging, scheduling, screening, and interviewing – all in one integrated platform.


While this will never be considered must-have recruiter software, whether it is face-to-face or one-way interviews, Modern Hire offers the solutions you need for your video interviewing needs.

Modern Hire

Picked is a recruitment software that helps you shortlist candidates using aptitude and skill tests. It uses interactive assessments, predictive analytics and workflow automation to remodel your recruitment process making it faster, cheaper and bias-free.


The Honeit digital phone interview recruiter software streamlines three critical steps in every recruiter’s day to day – scheduling calls, talking to candidates and sharing insights with hiring teams. Honeit interview technology makes it easy to record, transcribe and share live candidate answers and insights during natural (two-way) phone conversations. After the phone conversation, recruiters can select key moments or interview highlights to share with their team or with hiring managers – to quickly ensure quality, reduce steps and accelerate on-site interviews. You can check out the application interface here.


Interview Mocha has over 1000 skills tests that you can use early in your interview process to determine which candidates have the required skills.

Interview Mocha

Interview Stream’s Hire recruiting software allows you to set up screening interviews using a library of questions and pre-populated media, or face-to-face live interviews.

Interview Stream

Odro is online meeting software for the techphobics of the world. With no downloads or installs, this tool should work well for interviews, especially those that may require screen sharing.


The cloud-based Shine Interview software can be used on any device for easy on-the-go applicant interviews and review. It includes both one-way and live video interviews, along with an integrated scheduling system and value-based recruitment options to determine if a candidate is a good cultural fit.


HireVue is built to both speed up and diversify your recruitment, with standardized assessments designed by industrial organization psychologists that help you pick out the top candidates while limiting hiring bias, as well as a flexible video interview system.


Hireflix is a one-way video interview platform designed to integrate with a range of ATS systems. The video sharing function makes it a great choice for recruiting firms since you can easily send video interviews along to clients or team members.


FaceCruit uses a unique pricing system that lets you pay just for the interview minutes you use. Candidates respond to questions in real time, emulating the feel of an in-person interview and giving you more insights into your recruits.


Talview is an AI-powered end-to-end online recruitment platform that helps you screen, evaluate and hire the best candidates faster. It includes automated video interviews with in-depth candidate behavioral insights and customizable pre-hire assessments with advanced remote proctoring. Talview offers a great mobile experience to recruiters and candidates alike.


Along with customizable one-way video interviews, TestGorilla includes a database of more than 100 scientifically-designed tests, ranging from job-specific skill tests to personality and value assessments. Pricing starts at $22.50/month and is based on how many candidates you interview, with the same tools and functions included at all price points.


RecRight integrates a video interview platform into a robust ATS, letting you manage the whole hiring process from one convenient app. It’s easy to set up applications and record video interview questions, and is fully mobile responsive so candidates can apply from any device.


Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing software helps you attract top talent and improve the quality of your hires. These programs help you apply marketing principles for customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion to the recruitment process. Along with reaching out to new candidates, they allow you to monitor and nurture your existing relationships with applicants, with analytical tools that help you improve both your branding strategy and the candidate experience.

Recruitment MarketingAutomation

Salesloop is a modern LinkedIn outreach sequence automation tool that was released at the start of 2020. Designed to replace the existing buggy Chrome extensions and basic desktop apps, recruiters can add Linkedin or Sales Nav search URLs to a campaign and “set it & forget it”. The tool has other features including identifying dynamic sending limit and smart sending capability, i.e. auto-unenroll if a user replies.

Recruitment MarketingCRM

Beamery connects to all of your other recruiting systems and gives you one system to manage and engage every candidate that touches your brand – past, present or future. They help companies nurture passive talent and build a pipeline for future roles.

Recruitment MarketingCRMSourcing

Clinch is a robust platform that combines recruitment marketing, a CRM, employer branding, and sourcing tools in one end-to-end solution. Features include a career site and landing page builder, social and email integration and robust analytics.

Recruitment MarketingCRM

Firefish combines your ATS and the web and focuses on four areas: Reach (SEO and landing page development to reach candidates), Engage (reach out to new candidates and monitor existing relationships), Recruit (tools that assist with candidate placement) and Analyse (data analytics for the core software features).

Recruitment Marketing

GoHire is an excellent resource in your recruiting tools arsenal, focusing on attracting and converting stronger applicants with their application process. Each candidate gets a personalised web app to communicate directly with hiring managers, and keep track of all their scheduled events.

Recruitment MarketingATS

Serving a range of customer sizes from startups to enterprise customers, Jobvite offers tools that go beyond your typical ATS including Jobvite Refer (tool for sharing job openings in your employees’ networks) and Jobvite Video (on-demand video interviewing).

Recruitment Marketing

OnRecruit allows you to store and capture all online touch points between candidates and employers and integrates with offline data from the client’s ATS or CRM. By connecting these data sources, it allows a full view of what a candidate does prior to applying, providing insight into the effectiveness of media channels from a conversion, interview, placement and hiring perspective, and enabling marketing automation.

Recruitment Marketing

Offering many features similar to its competitors, Phenom People’s main differentiator is its unique ability to turn visitors to your career site into potential applicants even if they don’t fill out your job application.

Phenom People
Recruitment MarketingCRM

Symphony Talent’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services proactively markets an employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel using marketing automation technology and modern marketing practices. It empowers companies to attract the right people to their organization using the art and science of fit, enabling companies to generate leads and nurture relationships to hire faster and more cost-effectively. It is ATS-agnostic, integrating with your current system to provide a complete view into the candidate journey, from first source all the way to hire.

Symphony Talent
Recruitment Marketing

The machine learning algorithms used in PageUp’s recruitment marketing software help you optimize your web presence to both perfectly reflect your brand and rank high in search engine results. Personalized candidate journeys and powerful analytics are useful for increasing applicant conversions, with a drag-and-drop CRM that’s designed to synchronize with third-party ATS systems.

Recruitment MarketingATS

The omni-channel recruitment approach used by TalentLyft is designed to help small and medium businesses expand their reach for candidates. It combines sourcing functions and referral programs with a powerful ATS that lets you track and guide the entire candidate experience.

Recruitment Marketing

TalentBrew’s recruitment marketing platform aims to personalize the candidate experience, keeping them engaged so you can meet your recruiting goals. Its in-depth analytics track a range of metrics and give you a big-picture view of your marketing and recruiting efforts, letting you make data-driven improvements to your strategy.

Recruitment Marketing

Yello is an all-in-one recruitment platform that covers everything from setting up virtual job fairs to scheduling interviews with top candidates. Automated candidate communications and a built-in job board give you the tools you need to both find and engage with applicants.

Recruitment Marketing

The personalized career websites you can build with GR8 are dynamic and sophisticated, especially considering you can build them in a simple drag-and-drop content manager. The Eureka! sourcing system automatically scores candidates based on the job criteria and uses machine learning to continuously improve its scoring based on your needs and feedback.

GR8 People


Manually scheduling applicant interviews is often cited as one of the most tedious aspects of the recruiting process. Scheduling software automates and streamlines the process, allowing you to easily check availability for all the applicants you’d like to meet with. This greatly reduces the chance of scheduling conflicts, creating a better experience for both the recruiter and the candidate.


The free plan of this tool should be sufficient for many recruiters as it allows for 100 appointments per month and includes SMS notifications, a feature not offered at the free level by any competitors.



Loved by its users for its simplicity and rock-solid integration with all popular calendars, the free version of Calendly will be sufficient for many recruiters who want a simple scheduling tool that reduces back-and-forth emails. The paid version can be integrated with additional tools you might use such as GoToMeeting and many CRMs.


Right Inbox saves recruiters time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. More than 250,000+ people use the tool for next level email productivity. Features such as email tracking, follow ups and templates are very helpful for recruiters out there.

Right Inbox

This is a tool for the recruiter with more complex scheduling needs. The higher-priced tiers, while slightly expensive compared to the competition, have features such as pooled availability and master booking pages, that are ideal for environments where you will be scheduling more than just one-on-one meetings.


Known for its robust feature set, SimplyBook.me does not technically fall into the category of recruiter software but has a free tier that may be suitable for some recruiters.


TimeTrade invented the online appointment scheduling industry in 1999. The company’s secure, cloud-based solution meets the customer and client engagement needs of large enterprises as well as mid-size and small businesses. Thousands of companies—including 500 of the world’s top brands—rely on TimeTrade’s technology for their scheduling needs.


Yesware is an all-in-one toolkit for sales professionals. Their add-on for O365 and Gmail provides an easy way for recruiters to reach out to candidates, schedule meetings, and follow up — right from their inbox.


Vyte is a meeting scheduler app with 3 plans (Free, Pro, Enterprise) that integrates with the major calendars so recruiters can synchronize calendars and time zones; receive automatic confirmations and bookings and much more. Translated into eight languages, there are two main services: scheduling by voting (on day, time, and location) and your own personal booking page (URL) to share with others.


X.ai is a great example of when an early stage AI product actually gets things right. This tool does precisely one task. If you need to set up a meeting with someone over email, just CC your personal AI assistant, Andrew or Amy, and they’ll jump into the conversation to set up a meeting, send an invite, reschedule or cancel a meeting, or add a participant. That’s all the software does but it does it well. Pricing starts at $17/month.


While the free version of this software is not heavily advertised on their sign up page, it may have enough features to tide you over until you want to pay for more advanced tools such as appointment reminders, padding appointments and Zapier integration.



A candidate pre-screening tool grades and ranks applicants, making it quicker and easier to identify those that are a best fit to move forward with the hiring process. Intelligent screening programs evaluate the skills and experience of each candidate based on their resume, reducing the amount of time you spend reviewing applicant data and ensuring you see the ones that are the most qualified.


Focusing on the hourly workforce, Fountain is an ATS that helps you automate interviews, background checks and document collection.


Outmatch is designed to predict how candidates will perform and has tools such as job-fit assessments, behavioral interviewing, and online reference checking.


SkillSurvey is a multi-purpose tool designed to assist with referencing checking and sourcing via referrals.


Similar to a criminal background check, Social Intelligence uses a combination of technology and trained analysts to screen candidates online records for unlawful or inappropriate behavior.

Social Intelligence

Founded in 1975, Sterling Check is a full service screening and on-boarding solution that offers plans including pre-hire background checks and drug testing and post-hire employee audits.


Weirdly offers a customisable quiz to rank candidates against your ideal fit. It can act as a stand-alone, light-ATS or be integrated into your current recruitment process.


VICTIG’s comprehensive employee screening draws on data from over 50 different sources, including credit reports, criminal records, and education and employment verification, as well as offering a variety of drug testing services. They’re highly responsive, with an average turnaround time of 1.8 days and a live US-based customer support team.


With comprehensive global coverage, HireRight offers extended candidate screening and employee monitoring that’s fully compliant and secure. Their services include background checks, experience verification, drug and health screening, and social media screening, among others.


The cloud-based TazWorks platform integrates AI tools with a range of screening applications, helping business owners to make better hiring decisions. The program interface can be worked into custom applications, and integrates easily into a variety of existing ATS and employee management programs.


NameScan streamlines AML and CTF compliance with their all-in-one platform. Data is screened against information from global watchlists like OFAC and the UN, as well as federal and local government and law enforcement agencies, all of which are monitored in real-time for comprehensive, up to date coverage.


The range of screening offered by berke include cognitive testing as well as personality and integrity assessments. All assessments can be customized, with the results delivered in the form of both candidate reports and job fit scores.



Your applicants can only be as strong as the talent pool you draw from. Sourcing software doesn’t just provide you with access to a wider range of potential candidates, though this access is one of their main benefits. Many sourcing programs also include screening features, allowing you to focus on the strongest applicants based on your unique criteria. For companies that work with external recruiters, sourcing programs can be an excellent way to collaborate and communicate to find the perfect match.


Broadbean is a straightforward job distribution and sourcing tool that focuses on doing a few tasks really well.


CodeFights Recruiter is a skills-based platform that allows you to hire the top developers with less effort. With CodeFights, you can source from a diverse pre-screened talent pool, evaluate candidates with programming tests, and conduct interviews in a shared coding environment. It can even be trained to optimize your process with an advanced machine learning model.

CodeFights Recruiter

Crystalknows.com provides free personality tests like Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, DISC, and more so you can understand a candidates strengths, blind spots, and preferred communication style. You can also predict that information from their social media profile using their Chrome Extension.


DevelopersForHire.com is for companies and brands searching for great developers to help on their projects. Take a quick quiz and get personalized recommendations on the hiring sites that match your needs.


The Entelo platform uses big data, predictive analytics and social signals to help recruiting organizations find, qualify and engage talent.


LeadFuze works as a passive sourcing tool to find people who are not actively looking for a job! The hiring filter gets their contact info and automatically gets new leads matching your criteria.


This sourcing tool allows you to build talent pools collaboratively that can then be sent straight to your ATS. Best of all, it is free for 2 pools.

Hello Talent

HiringSolved offers features that are not common in sourcing recruiting software including Diversity Search (a tool to help increase workplace diversity), Scan (automatic updating of outdated records in your ATS and CRM) and Verticals (algorithms designed to find candidates in specific industries).


Typical sourcing tools force recruiters to do tedious, time-consuming tasks such as resume screening and keyword-based searches. Ideal uses artificial intelligence to automate sourcing, resume screening, initial candidate outreach and even interview scheduling.


Jobylon has a strong focus on on creating beautiful job postings that will be readily shared on social media.


Their flagship product, Arya, uses artificial intelligence to identify talent that not only has the right skills but also is aligned with the corporate culture.


OctoHR is a free, lightweight Chrome extension that shows the languages in which a candidate can code and reveals their email address, saving recruiters who source directly on Github a ton of time.


OxyLeads is a straightforward tool. You give it a list of criteria (job title, countries, industry and technologies used) and it gives you a an email list that matches those criteria. Priced at 500 emails for $100/month or 2000 emails for $300/month, OxyLeads is an ideal solution for those who want to run highly targeted outbound marketing campaigns directed to either clients or candidates.


Recruit’em is a powerful free search tool that lets you use Google to search for profiles across various platforms including LinkedIn.


SeekOut is one of many recruiting tools for sourcing passive candidates, with a database of over 100 M US professionals. Their search engine can handle complicated queries and find fresh candidates using a combination of AI and over 20 filters. You can also get email addresses for candidates in one click and export profiles in bulk to integrate with your existing workflow.


Calling themselves a “data driven employee referral platform”, teamable helps employees of a company find candidates for open positions within their own networks.


Talemetry integrates with your ATS and allows you to post job ads, source candidates, build talent pipelines and manage candidate relationships in a single platform.

Talemetry by Jobvite

Visage is a crowdsourced sourcing tool (it’s a bit of a mouthful) that identifies and engages candidates using a team of dedicated human sourcers and then screens their selections with a combination of AI and human experts. In short, Visage allows you to post a job and outsource the rest of the process until the interview stage. (Did we say source enough times?)


The brilliance of this tool is its simplicity. Priced at $40/month for individuals, ZAPInfo is worth the price. When you find a contact or a list of contacts, you clip it (add it to the ZAPinfo database), enrich it (find the associated email address, company name and other relevant information) and sync it (to your CRM or ATS), saving any sourcer a massive amount of time.


ZillionResumes is a powerful candidate search database, with more than 19 million searchable resumes compiled from a variety of online job marketplaces and employment platforms, including passive talent you won’t see on job boards. It’s regularly updated, as well, with thousands of resumes added every month.


Hired is designed for companies seeking top tech talent. They have a tight focus on technology positions that are remote or based in one of 14 major cities. While it’s priced more for large companies than SMBs, it has a robust array of features, including candidate assessments and AI-based candidate matching.


vsource uses intelligent search algorithms and advanced analytics to help companies source and engage with a diverse pool of talent. Unique features like their Talent Mapping service go beyond filling open positions, providing data hiring managers can use to refine and improve the recruiting process.


The aim of Fetcher is to automate repetitive tasks in sourcing and engaging candidates, with analytic insights to improve the efficiency of the hiring process and predict potential future trends. The platform is powered by AI but monitored by people for a more refined and nuanced approach to identifying top talent.


TopFunnel automates and streamlines every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to scheduling interviews. Once you enter your criteria, you’ll get a list of relevant candidates delivered to your phone each morning, with tools for sending personalized follow-up messages based on industry best practices.




If you want to experience email automation on steroids, check out Reply, the tool of choice for mixed email drip/phone call-based campaigns. Integrations with a variety of popular marketing tools, including Bullhorn, are available, allowing Reply to assist with email inbox management and save you up to 35% of your time spent messaging clients and candidates.


If you read this list closely, you’ll notice that we don’t offer our personal opinion too often. With Grammarly, it’s different. If you write emails or literally any content on a daily basis, you need to get this tool. Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free. It’s simple to install and most of its features are completely free. This one is a no brainer.


If you need graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation or music and audio on the cheap, Fiverr is the place for you. Plus, before you get started, you can check out our guide for using Fiverr right here. In it, we walk you through what you need to know before starting a logo design, video intro or infographic package and what to do if things do go wrong.


Thought this is not a tool explicitly built for recruiters, it’s not hard to see how Skipio could be a game-changer for recruiters, especially those targeting a younger demographic. Skipio is a mass texting tool that could be perfect for talking with multiple clients. It also has automation capabilities with smart campaigns that will allow you to sit back and relax while the AI takes over.


Boomerang allows you to schedule emails to be sent later and reminds you about old emails that you have archived, ensuring that you never forget to respond to a candidate or client.


A data scraping tool like Data Miner can be used in many powerful ways by a recruiter. For example, if you need Javascript developers, you can find a list of conference attendees for a Javascript conference, scrape the data and upload it to your CRM or ATS.

Data Miner

Although not specifically geared towards the recruiting market, IFTTT is still a powerful recruiting tools, letting you create “applets” that combine different services together. For example, you can get an e-mail notification when a LinkedIn contact changes jobs.


Wonderkind is a programmatic job advertising platform that helps corporations and staffing agencies create and execute high-quality recruitment marketing campaigns. Using artificial intelligence, it helps recruiters reach top talent on the media channels they actually use.


Calling themselves “automation for busy people”, Zapier lets you move data between web apps automatically (perhaps a recruitment marketing platform and ATS), saving you time and ensuring data integrity.


Bonus: Don’t have time to check out all the recruiting tools? No worries. Download a free PDF version of tools for recruiters guide right here.

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