Recruiting Automation Software: The Ultimate Guide

Last updated: June 30, 2022

Sourcing, interviewing and hiring a large volume of candidates can be a challenge. With open positions attracting dozens, if not hundreds of candidates, it is not surprising that you are finding it difficult to find your needle in the haystack.

Enter recruiting automation – the gift from the recruiter gods. Although still in its infancy, automation in the recruiting industry is ready to change the way the game is played. If you’re not already using software to cut down on the tedious grunt work that makes up a recruiter’s life, you are already falling behind.

There is no need to read every resume, talk to every candidate or send ten emails back and forth just to schedule a single interview. Automation can solve all of these challenges plus a few you didn’t even know you had.

This guide is a complete list of every recruiter automation app or service that is currently on the market along with an explainer about how each category of automation works.

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Built-in chatbots, or virtual recruitment assistants, are also becoming increasingly common for pre-screening as part of a recruiting automation process. The chatbots gather basic information about candidates to determine their suitability for roles, freeing you up to spend more time connecting with potential employees. They can ask questions, understand answers, and interact with candidates thanks to innovations in machine learning.

Chatbots also improve the way companies engage with candidates by providing immediate answers to common questions applicants might have, leaving recruiters more time to answer more complex questions.

ChatbotsResume screeningCandidate nurturingInterview scheduling

AllyO Assist is an AI-powered HR assistant designed to deliver increasingly smart answers and equip candidates and employees with instant knowledge. AllyO leverages AI and natural language processing to deliver increasingly smart answers to common questions, and allows employees and candidates to connect across multiple channels including SMS, web chatbox, and WhatsApp, auto-routing to your team when human support is required.
Note: In October 2020, HireVue, announced the acquisition of AllyO.

ChatbotsResume screeningInterview scheduling

Ari is a customizable recruiting chatbot that uses natural language processing and machine learning. Add candidates from your ATS, via text-to-apply, or live chat and let Ari engage them in a two-way conversation, asking and answering the questions based on position type, location, and skill level. Ari also automatically screens candidates and manages interview scheduling.


Brazen helps you deploy a team of recruiting chatbots that can automatically ask prequalifying questions for each job to ensure candidates are prequalified before they are connected to a recruiter in a live chat. The chatbot can also capture a candidate’s email address and phone number for later followup.

ChatbotsCandidate rediscovery/rankingCandidate nurturing

With Jobpal, your candidates can engage in job discovery and apply conveniently on any device. Jobpal can then automatically get back to every candidate and answer FAQs, keeping candidates engaged with continuous and automated assistance. Jobpal also qualifies, pre-screens and validates candidates quickly and efficiently, and provides a seamless interview experience by sending out useful information in advance.

ChatbotsInterview scheduling

Mya promises to leverage state-of-the-art natural language understanding and machine learning techniques to deliver a robust and engaging conversational experience. Through open-ended, natural and dynamic conversations, Mya can gather deep candidate insights and build trust and confidence with its users.

ChatbotsInterview scheduling

Olivia can engage with your candidates through the web, mobile platforms, or social channels. Using AI and NLP (natural language processing), Olivia promises to be the front-end on all your candidate communications and to answer every question your candidates might have. She can intelligently provide next steps and route “green light” candidates right to recruiters, while handling all scheduling coordination.

Olivia by Paradox
ChatbotsInterview scheduling

XOR’s automation allows recruiters to choose when they want to initiate automated sequences for screening, scheduling and nurturing. If a candidate isn’t qualified, they get alternative job openings recommended to them and are notified when future jobs are posted. XOR also schedules interviews by integrating your calendar and automating messages to candidates that enable them to select available times.


Resume screening

A good candidate pre-screening tools is the ultimate recruiter automation tool as it can rank and grade candidates to pre-qualify those who are a fit to move forward in the hiring process. For example, intelligent resume screeners contextually evaluate a candidate’s experience, skills, and characteristics based on their resumes and other information and automatically identify the most qualified applicants.

Resume screening

CVViZ’s resume screening software screens resumes contextually, learning from your hiring process to identify better candidates. After resume screening, CVViZ ranks candidates in real-time.

Pricing: $29/month for hiring automation for qualified startups. $15/job/month to integrate AI into your recruitment software. $59/user/month for AI-powered complete recruitment automation.

Resume screeningCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Eightfold’s AI finds the people most likely to succeed in a job based on their skills and potential, identifying great people often missed by legacy keyword-based screening. You can use it to screen candidates automatically and receive instant ranked pipelines of talent.
Resume screeningApplicant trackingCandidate nurturingCandidate rediscovery/ranking

With Freshteam, the resumes you upload to your applicant tracking system are automatically parsed and their contents populated in the candidate profile. This tool gathers everything you need to know about a candidate – resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback and notes – in one place.

Pricing: Blossom (10X user count resume parsing credits) – $50/50 users/month, Garden (20X user count resume parsing credits) -$100/50 users/month, Estate (30X user count resume parsing credits) – $200/50 users/month.

Resume screeningChatbotsCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Typical sourcing tools force recruiters to do tedious, time-consuming tasks such as resume screening and keyword-based searches. Ideal uses artificial intelligence to automate sourcing, resume screening, initial candidate outreach and even interview scheduling.

Resume screeningApplicant tracking

Newton uses resume parsing and scanning tools to produce the most accurate results with no manual work. Candidates don’t have to waste time on manual data entry and recruiters can know they are capturing all relevant information from candidates while improving application rates.

Pricing: From $399/month.

Resume screeningChatbots

Wendy can automatically identify talent, send personalized messages, manage email marketing campaign, chat with candidates about the roles, and add candidates to your calendar. Direct her to follow up and schedule interviews with only the candidates you have approved, or request further assessments for Wendy to integrate and deliver to your candidates. Wendy integrates with your ATS or career page to engage every applicant with a role-specific screening. The questions are generated from the parsed job requirements and the recruiting team can calibrate Wendy’s chat or evaluation criteria as they deem appropriate.

Wade & Wendy
Resume screening

Whaii is a SaaS recruitment platform that automates your screening process, with a human touch. They ensure all job applications are analyzed and ranked based on how good the applicant’s personality, values, cultural preferences and skills match the job.

Pricing: Free trial (10 candidate analyses) – free, Standard (no limit on the number of analyses) – $5,7/analysis, Custom (automated candidate screening) – custom pricing.


Interview scheduling

Manually scheduling interviews might not sound like a time-consuming task — until you’re tasked with going back and forth to check availability for all the different applicants you’d like to meet with. Scheduling candidates for interviews is actually often cited as one of the most tedious parts of the recruiting process and there is no reason not to automate this process as a recruiter. Interview scheduling automation saves time and streamlines the interview process, which creates a better experience for candidates and recruiters alike.

Interview scheduling

Loved by its users for its simplicity and rock-solid integration with all popular calendars, the free version of Calendly will be sufficient for many recruiters who want a simple scheduling tool that reduces back-and-forth emails. The paid version can be integrated with additional tools you might use such as GoToMeeting and many CRMs.

Pricing: Basic (1 calendar) – Free, Premium (2 calendars) – $8/user/month, Pro (6 calendars) – $12/user/month.

Interview schedulingChatbots

Clara syncs with your ATS so you can track your interviews and candidate information can be swiftly accessed by interviewers. By sending an email introducing a candidate to an interviewer and cc’ing Clara, it will know the interviewer’s availability, ask for the candidate’s, and send calendar invitations for a time that works. Clara will also automatically handle rescheduling if a conflict comes up.

Clara Labs
Interview schedulingSocial recruiting

Comeet uses heavy doses of automation to lighten the workload of scheduling, delegating, reserving and following up. They promise to eliminate coordination pain by automating email templates, centralizing information and data, integrating Outlook and Gmail, streamlining room reservations and sending personalized bulk messages.

Interview scheduling automates interview scheduling while providing a better candidate experience from the first touchpoint. It is said to decrease unconscious bias in the hiring process and match the right interviewers to your candidates. With this tool, you can improve your interviewing process and access the data you need to forecast hiring.

Pricing: Growth (up to 100 employees) – $499/month, Premium (over 100 employees) – $1,500/month, Enterprise (interview training, batch scheduling, enterprise support and unlimited integrations) – custom pricing.
Interview scheduling

Prelude promises to balance automation with control, allowing you to create schedule templates to handle the details and your team’s preferences, while automating the process of scheduling itself. The tool claims to find the best option in seconds, whether it’s a simple screening interview or a complex onsite interview.

Interview schedulingApplicant trackingCandidate nurturing

Considered one of the top recruiting tools, Lever has features such as one-click sourcing, two-way email sync, and @-mentions that you will not find in many of their competitors.

Interview schedulingApplicant trackingJob advertising

My Ally helps you find better talent, hire them faster, and keep them engaged longer. My Ally’s AI assistant, Sky, is responsible for automating interview scheduling and managing calendars. It offers advanced features that allow you to seamlessly schedule interviews that can be integrated with your ATS and HR systems.

My Ally
Interview scheduling

Spark Hire has a full range of video tools to help you optimize your interview process including one-way interviews, interview evaluation, interview scheduling and a mobile app.

Pricing: Bronze (1 job at a time) – $119/month, Silver (5 jobs at a time) – $249/month, Gold (unlimited jobs) – $599/month.

Spark Hire
Interview scheduling

TextRecruit lets you manage communications with your candidates over text, increasing interaction rates significantly. It is truly recruiting software for the 21st century.

Interview scheduling is a great example of when an early stage AI product actually gets things right. This tool does precisely one task. If you need to set up a meeting with someone over email, just CC your personal AI assistant, Andrew or Amy, and they’ll jump into the conversation to set up a meeting, send an invite, reschedule or cancel a meeting, or add a participant. That’s all the software does but it does it well. Pricing starts at $17/month.

Pricing: Free (Create and share unlimited calendar pages) – free, Individual (unlimited calendars and automated availability check from – $10/month, Team (conference room booking and team dashboards) – $15/month


Applicant tracking

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are one of the most common types of recruitment automation technology. These systems are used by recruiters to collect and track the recruitment process in a hiring database. Tracking begins as soon as a candidate applies for an open role and continues throughout the hiring process so recruiters and hiring managers can all easily access details on which stage a candidate is in and collaborate in the recruitment process.

With so many candidates competing for so many open positions, this type of solution is invaluable for staying organized, not to mention for ensuring you don’t accidentally lose track of someone who’s an awesome fit.

Applicant tracking systems have many different features from career sites to sourcing extensions and even video interviewing so consider your needs carefully when choosing your ATS.

Applicant tracking

This newer entrant to the ATS market has already earned rave reviews from its loyal user base for its amazing customer support, smooth UI and end-to-end functionality, and is a great example of how you build recruiter software that actually inspires you to do your job.

Pricing: Free (1 active position and 1 active candidate pool – free), Startup (unlimited positions, unlimited candidate pools – $143/month), Business (multiple recruiting pipelines, automated reference checking, assessment integrations and more) – $399/month, Pro (custom analytics and reporting, custom field, custom data migration, custom integrations, and more) – custom pricing.

Applicant tracking

Recruiterflow is an applicant tracking and CRM software for recruiting and staffing agencies. With Recruiterflow’s automation engine, you get a marketing automation software but built for recruiting. Users can create advanced rules to automate actions to deliver a better candidate experience, maintain pipelines and nurture their top candidates. Users can also track their candidate pipelines, clients, post jobs and run email sequences on Recruiterflow.

Applicant trackingCandidate nurturingJob advertising

A staple of the ATS market, Bullhorn has many enterprise customers and large recruitment agencies as customers. It has many fans among those who use it on a daily basis but note that the price point is definitely geared towards larger customers.

Pricing: Starting at $99/user/month.

Applicant tracking

Lauded for its intuitive user interface and beautiful design, receives consistently positive reviews by everyone who adopts it. In addition, they have an iOS and Android app that lets you use it on the go. Pricing for Greenhouse is dependent on the number of employees and is available on request.

Pricing: Starter (3 users) – $195/month, additional users (each) – $65/month.

Applicant tracking

Serving a range of customer sizes from startups to enterprise customers, Jobvite offers tools that go beyond your typical ATS including Jobvite Refer (tool for sharing job openings in your employees’ networks) and Jobvite Video (on-demand video interviewing).

Pricing: Prices range from around $4,000 per year (26 to 50 employees) to $100,000 per year (2,501 to 5,000 employees).

Applicant tracking

Considered one of the top recruiting tools, Lever has features such as one-click sourcing, two-way email sync, and @-mentions that you will not find in many of their competitors.

Pricing: From $300 to $3000, based on the edition and number of employees.

Applicant tracking

Oracle’s Taleo is a widely used recruitment platform, with a candidate-centric communication approach, making the hiring process easier and faster for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. The software helps small and medium businesses manage their hiring information, and make informed decisions.

Oracle’s Taleo
Applicant tracking

Known for their incredible customer service (their founder replies to emails on Sundays!), Recruitee takes collaborative hiring to the next level: everyone in your team from the least tech-savvy to the most nerdy can work on hiring together with this cloud-based ATS. In addition, Recruitee provides beautiful careers sites for your employer brand, candidate-friendly application forms that you can fully tweak and world class sourcing tools.

Pricing: Launch (5 job openings) – $109/month, Scale (10 job openings) – $399/month, Lead – Custom pricing.

Applicant trackingCandidate nurturingResume screeningInterview schedulingCandidate rediscovery/ranking

With Recruit CRM, recruiters can do pretty much everything including sourcing candidates, sending emails, setting up interviews, collecting updated CVs, parsing resumes and collecting feedback from clients. It also has a built-in CRM, automatic job board posting and boolean search.

Pricing: Recruit CRM has a free version. Team – $69 per user/month billed yearly or $85 per user/month billed monthly, Business – $99 per user/month billed yearly or $119 per user/month billed monthly, Enterprise – $125 per user/month billed yearly or monthly.

Recruit CRM
Applicant tracking

Recruiterbox is the definition of a modern ATS, featuring a fully web-based platform that has an intuitive and simple interface. In addition, it has many features for sourcing (customizable career sites, one-click job posting, auto-creation of candidate profiles) and interviewing (calendar integrations, candidate email templates, auto-responders) that are not always found in even the most up-to-date applicant tracking systems.

Pricing: Starter (unlimited candidates, but restricted job boards and basic reports) – $199/month, Pro (full suite of reports, background check integration, sourcing extension) – $279/month, Pro Plus (automated report delivery, video screening, auto closing job openings) – $309/month.

Applicant tracking

SilkRoad’s OpenHire offers a user-friendly and cost efficient tool that allows for a streamlined process for managing candidates, job opportunities, backgrounds, interviews and all feedback, while also allowing for the customization of your careers portal to blend in with your website.

Applicant tracking

Like most modern applicant tracking systems, SmartRecruiters has features such as multi-channel Recruitment marketing, collaboration tools and built-in automated processes. However, what sets it apart are its integrations, 250+ services ranging from job boards to sourcing tools to background checks, all of which are available in its Marketplace.

Applicant tracking

Workable is noted for its full feature set, easy learning curve, top notch customer support and a new sourcing tool called People Search. This recruiter software also offer a $50 per job per month plan for those who have less burdensome hiring needs.

Pricing: Starting at $99/job/month

Applicant tracking

With Workday, recruiters can review all candidate profiles at once on any device. They make it easy to select and move a high volumes of candidates, as well as process offers in bulk, improving the speed and efficiency of the workflow. With the help of machine learning and interactive dashboards, Workday claims you can make better hiring decisions.The Workday recruiting solution works seamlessly with the rest of Workday, allowing for a smooth transition from the planning stage to onboarding.


Candidate nurturing

It’s important to maintain a relationship with candidates throughout the hiring process—not just when they’re actively being interviewed and considered. It’s virtually impossible to do this effectively without recruiting automation software. Candidate nurturing tools, also referred to as candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, allow companies to engage candidates through email automation.

Automated email flows nurture candidates throughout the process, ensuring they stay engaged and don’t lose interest in the position. You can also send automated reminders to keep candidates up-to-date on next steps like upcoming scheduled interviews and assessments due.

Recruitment marketingAutomation

Salesloop is a modern LinkedIn outreach sequence automation tool that was released at the start of 2020. Designed to replace the existing buggy Chrome extensions and basic desktop apps, recruiters can add Linkedin or Sales Nav search URLs to a campaign and “set it & forget it”. The tool has other features including identifying dynamic sending limit and smart sending capability, i.e. auto-unenroll if a user replies.

Candidate nurturingSocial recruitingApplicant trackingCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Aveture helps you nurture candidates with short, mid and long-term engagement strategies to grow your relationships with them. Avature workflows can include condition-based actions that keep automatic communications personalized and relevant. It also lets you build, share, reuse, and manage a library of fully branded and customizable email templates that can be combined with fine-tuned segmentation for relevant campaigns.

Candidate nurturing

Beamery connects to all of your other recruiting systems and gives you one system to manage and engage every candidate that touches your brand – past, present or future. They help companies nurture passive talent and build a pipeline for future roles.

Pricing: Starting at $75/user/month

Candidate nurturingApplicant tracking

With iCIMS Nurture, you can see who’s hot or cold with candidate activity that’s automatically tracked and logged. You’ll also know who’s most interested so recruiters can prioritize their outreach. You can engage new candidates – and re-engage passive ones – with targeted, automated messaging that builds relationships through frequency. This creates a pipeline of active leads that iCIMS promises will fill open positions faster.

iCIMS Nurture
Candidate nurturingApplicant tracking

Offering many features similar to its competitors, the Phenom Talent Experience Management platform’s main differentiator is its unique ability to turn visitors to your career site into potential applicants even if they don’t fill out your job application.

Candidate nurturing

Recruiter Insiders automates the collection of candidate and client feedback throughout the hiring process, differentiated by work-type and aligned to each individual consultant. This allows you to identify which consultants might need help at a particular stage of the process and what specifically they need help with and how much help they require. With 95 specific recruitment related questions, automated collection of testimonials from candidates and clients, as well as referrals and unique insights into the experience your candidates receive once in front of your clients, Recruiter Insiders’ purpose-built platform provides real-time information to your service levels allowing you to take relevant action.

Pricing: Starts at $40 AUD per user per month with a one-time setup fee

Recruiter Insider
Candidate nurturing

SmashFly’s Total Recruitment marketing Platform and Services proactively markets an employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel using marketing automation technology and modern marketing practices. It empowers companies to attract the right people to their organization using the art and science of fit, enabling companies to generate leads and nurture relationships to hire faster and more cost-effectively. It is ATS-agnostic, integrating with your current system to provide a complete view into the candidate journey, from first source all the way to hire.

Pricing: Basic licenses starting from $10,000/license

Candidate nurturing

Talemetry integrates with your ATS and allows you to post job ads, source candidates, build talent pipelines and manage candidate relationships in a single platform.

Candidate nurturingJob advertisingApplicant tracking

TalentBrew claims to provide a unique experience to both first-time and returning candidates, delivering only what is relevant to their goals and interests. A tailored experience that allows you to create a dynamic candidate experience through customized job lists, images and content. Powered by proprietary data from the TalentBrew network and combined with consumer behavior-forward methodology, TalentBrew promises to get more out of your talent network, establishing meaningful connections, keeping candidate pipelines warm and making decision based on data intelligence.

Candidate nurturingInterview scheduling

Wepow can help you replace time-consuming phone screens with consistent and engaging pre-recorded interviews, eliminating the hassle of scheduling and freeing your recruiters’ time. Make candidates feel welcome and appreciated with automated personalized interview invitations, and an innovative feature that allows candidates to practice and prepare in a safe environment, before taking an interview.

Candidate nurturing

Yello turns your time-consuming manual follow-up into automated, mobile-friendly communications that allow you to reach candidates anywhere, develop an informed pipeline and eliminating manual work. The interactive texting tool also helps candidates to submit mobile applications or learn about available opportunities automatically.


Pre-employment assessments

Pre-hire assessment platforms are extremely valuable for assessing relevant skills and characteristics, automatically ranking candidates based on their scores, and mitigating against any potential hiring biases that might skew candidate selection.

There are several types of pre-employment assessments, which are tests designed to assess a candidate’s fit for an open role. Some assessments are focused on measuring actual (technical) skills, whereas others are geared towards measuring traits like cognitive ability, personality characteristics and situational behavior.

Pre-employment assessment platforms often allow combining different assessments into one online experience, providing recruiters and hiring managers with a holistic view of a candidate.

Although not often thought as a process that can be reasonably automated as part of the recruiting workflow, most skills assessment platforms also integrate easily with your company’s ATS to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information available on applicants as they take assessments and move through the hiring process.

Pre-employment assessmentsApplicant trackingJob advertisingCandidate nurturing

Ascendify is a smart talent platform with predictive intelligence built into the experience, promising to attract and engage candidates with machine learning that gets to know people and elevates performance. Capability assessments are built into every app from recruiting and learning to performance and succession. With Ascendity, you can know who has the exact skills for the role and what learning gaps exist, determine training strategies and predicting how quickly people will learn and perform.

Pre-employment assessments

AspiringMinds lets you assess aptitude, skill, personality and potential without biases and achieve greater diversity. Their AI-powered interviewing technology assesses candidate domain knowledge, language and personality traits including motivation and job fit. AI scores facial expressions, speech and content. AspiringMinds let you choose traditional video interviews or interactive, remote live interviews.

Pre-employment assessments

Convey enables companies to create customized communications based on where candidates are in the hiring process through messaging, scheduling, screening, and interviewing – all in one integrated platform.

Pre-employment assessmentsCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Harver provides your team with validated data and enables them to hire bias-free, while automating laborious repeatable tasks to help you focus on things that require personal attention. Harver comes equipped with 15 customizable assessment modules. From culture fit and cognitive ability, to personality and multitasking, it automatically ranks candidates based on job-fit and assessment performance, using its matching technology that promises to translate results into actionable data.

Pre-employment assessments

HireVue helps to identify the attributes considered to be most critical for success when hiring new employees. Using a four to six question video interview, HireVue’s proprietary machine learning algorithms surface the candidates that will interact best with your customers and represent your brand in real, customer-centric situations, giving you insight into skills that matter.

Pre-employment assessments

Koru7 develops a data-informed picture of the most important skills profile required for your role and company. Then, every candidate takes a simple and fun online assessment, receiving automated customised feedback on their impact skills. Each candidate is awarded a Fit Score and Koru7 Impact Skills profile, letting your team make data-driven hiring decisions.

Pre-employment assessments

By measuring talents like adaptability, innovation and communication, Plum uses AI and industrial/organizational psychology to predict if an applicant will thrive in a role before you hire them.

Pre-employment assessments

Prevue promises to provide valid, accurate, and reliable tests that will help you predict an employee’s future behavior. Their Screen-Fit product automatically screens and organizes candidates based on job fit and culture fit, and Team-Fit compares temperaments between teammates to promote group success.

Pre-employment assessmentsCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Pymetrics has built a talent matching platform that uses objective data for predictions about fit and potential. Candidates go through the Pymetrics platform once and it calculates their fit to all custom job profiles across your company, improving efficiency, diversity and employee success. The platform is said to use recent developments in science and technology to gather objective data through assessments that engage your candidates.

Pre-employment assessmentsCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Toggl Hire is a full-funnel solution providing a skills-based hiring funnel. Their pre-built smart tests stack soft and hard skills into one job-specific skills assessment for you, while async video interviews promise real human interaction at scale. Toggl Hire claims to automatically shortlist its highest-scoring, skills-match candidates while assessing candidates on job-specific skills and cutting your time-to-hire by 86%. Apart from providing complete flexibility to their users with custom tests and branding, they also state that 90% of candidates love taking their tests, even if they don’t get the job, improving the candidate experience.

Pricing: Free forever (1 active job opening and 5 seats per account) – free, Basic (3 active job openings and unlimited seats per account) – $17/month, Premium (10 active job openings and unlimited seats per account) – $199/month, Business (30 active job openings and unlimited seats per account) – $399/month. Paid plans come with a pause subscription option for up to 6 months while letting you keep all data, from talent pool to tests.

Toggl Hire
Pre-employment assessmentsCandidate rediscovery/ranking

Vervoe automatically grades and ranks all your candidates based on how well they can do the job. With this platform, you can test job-specific skills, technical skills or soft skills using tailored assessments that are generated instantly and graded automatically. Vervoe claims you can even generate a made-to-measure, instantly auto-gradable skills assessment in less than a minute, which is unique to your company and the role you are hiring for.

Pricing: Starter (2 active assessments and up to 200 candidates) – $88/month, Growth (4 active assessments and unlimited candidates) – $399/month.


Background checks

Of course, even the most qualified candidates need to pass a background check before they’re officially hired—and that part of the hiring process can be automated too. Features like name-matching technology, automated research on candidates, searching for red flags, and removal of false hits help to greatly improve the speed and accuracy of your background checking efforts.

Background checks

AssureHire offers technology and automation in a fast end-to-end screening experience, with data retrieval, mobile candidate experiences, direct line callable account managers, single sign on and ATS/HRIS/ERP system integrations. AssureHire is dedicated to data privacy and regulations such as the EEOC, FCRA and GDPR.

Background checks

Checkr claims to be the only background check company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hiring more inclusive and more efficient. Checkr offers features like progressive screenings, which allows you to skip unnecessary screenings for candidates you disqualified early in the screening process. Checkr also surfaces only the results based on criteria you selected as relevant to the position you’re feeling, creating a bigger, more optimized talent pool.

Background checks

Fama is talent screening software that helps identify problematic behavior among potential hires and current employees by analyzing publicly available online information. Their technology helps businesses identify thousands of job-relevant behaviors, such as racism or harassment, without exposing hiring managers to unnecessary risk or manual work. Fama is automated and efficient, letting you escalate only the most critical reports for human review and adjudication.

Background checks

Good Egg’s Screening Continuum promises to be a faster, smarter approach to screening that looks at every part of a candidate’s career, to not only show you where they’ve been, but also where they’re headed, helping you hire smarter, and mitigate risk at every step. Good Egg offers ongoing monitoring of social media, criminal record checks, drug use, and motor vehicle records can bring issues to light before they escalate into problems.

good egg
Background checks

GoodHire offer a quick way to set up an account and automate many common workflows that would normally take up your time. Your GoodHire dashboard provides at-a-glance results and status updates, and your candidates can view their results in the same mobile-optimized format available to you. GoodHire has a modern API and is pre-integrated with the ATS/HRIS tools you already use. The platform searches, organizes, and processes billions of records per year, promising advanced data engineering, compliance filters, and continual manual reviews.

Pricing: Basic (for less than 25 basic checks in the year) – $29.99/check, Standard (all basic + domestic watch list and county criminal court checks) – $54.99/check, Premium (all standard + 1 education verification and 1 employment verification) – $79.99/check, Custom (for more than 25 checks in the year) – custom pricing.

Background checks

HireRight offers smart, comprehensive background checks that enable you to focus on what’s most important — managing your organization’s risk and improving employment decisions. HireRight’s platforms integrate with many commonly-used applicant tracking systems.

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $39.95/month to $79.95/month depending on your business needs.

Background checks

Intelligo’s Clarity background screening product automates research on people and companies, processing thousands of sources including premium databases, legal records, news, regulatory data and social media. Their AI capabilities remove false hits, corroborate information, identify problematic behavior and reputation, and generate red flags. The results provided are concisely presented in an interactive report, and the subjects are kept under continuous monitoring daily, alerting you only when relevant red flags are uncovered.

Background checks

okHire is an easy to use platform that automates the entire candidate verification process with transparency. Past employers can provide candid feedback of your new hire on behavioral aspects and you can validate your ex-employees to earn credits that can be used to discount your own of the platform.

Pricing: Free (3 refchecks) – free, Basic (10 Ref Checks) – $6,08/each, Ultra (50 Ref Checks) – $5,74/each, Royal (100 Ref Checks) – $5,41/each.


Social recruiting

98% of recruiters today use LinkedIn to post jobs and source candidates—and chances are, they’re on other popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. Your candidates are probably already active on social media in their personal lives so why not reach them where they’re naturally spending time?

There are a few different ways you can employ social media recruiting strategies to reach job seekers in your area. Automating your recruitment social media posts and launching recruiting campaigns can both be highly effective for reaching potential candidates. Scanning your employees’ connections and aggregating and sorting data from social networking sites using automated processes are excellent ways to source potential candidates as well. Recruiters also utilize social recruiting platforms and social scheduling tools to automate their social media publishing processes.

Background checks

CareerArc’s suite of social and mobile applications help deliver the right first impression to any candidate with time-saving automation tools, real-time reporting, and one-on-one account managers. CareerArc distributes your jobs to the largest combined networks of social, mobile and web platforms. Their SaaS solution automates online and social job sharing to boost the volume of qualified applicants.

CareerArc Social Recruiting
Social recruitingJob advertising

The Entelo platform uses big data, predictive analytics and social signals to help recruiting organizations find, qualify and engage talent.

Social recruiting

HireRabbit promises to help you get the best candidates through social media, reaching top performers in their free time. After providing your Twitter handle, they will automatically tweet your jobs to your social media platform. In addition, your Facebook page’s jobs will be automatically synced with your ATS.

Pricing: Plan 1 (5 active jobs) – $69/month, Plan 2 (15 active jobs) – $199/month, Plan 3 (unlimited jobs) – custom pricing.

Hire Rabbit
Social recruitingJob advertising

HiringSolved offers features that are not common in sourcing recruiting software including Diversity Search (a tool to help increase workplace diversity), Scan (automatic updating of outdated records in your ATS and CRM) and Verticals (algorithms designed to find candidates in specific industries).

Social recruiting

HootSuite lets you keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts across your social accounts. You can track your performance and share meaningful insights with your team using customizable reports.

Pricing: Plan 1 (10 social profiles and 1 user) – $29/month, Plan 2 (20 social profiles and 3 users) – $129/month, Plan 3 (35 social profiles and 10 users) – $599/month, Custom – inquire for pricing.

Social recruitingApplicant tracking

LinkedIn Recruiter is a platform for finding, connecting with, and managing candidates within LinkedIn. It surfaces quality candidates and member signals so you can prioritize candidates most open to hearing from you. Their smart suggestions create a stronger search with recommended skills, locations and titles for your role. Instead of re-creating searches for every role, you can use saved searches and alerts for candidates open to new opportunities, and get notified when top candidates update their LinkedIn profile.

Pricing: Recruiter Lite (15 advanced search filters and 10 saved alerts) – $119.95/month, Recruiter (30 advanced search filters, 50 saved alerts, “find more people like” and contact multiple candidates at once) – $999/month.

LinkedIn's Talent Solutions
Social recruitingJob advertising

SeekOut is one of many recruiting tools for sourcing passive candidates, with a database of over 100 M US professionals. Their search engine can handle complicated queries and find fresh candidates using a combination of AI and over 20 filters. You can also get email addresses for candidates in one click and export profiles in bulk to integrate with your existing workflow.


Job advertising

One of the best ways to use automation in recruitment is with programmatic job advertising, which is the purchasing of digital advertisements using software. Automation of advertisement placement will allow you to target the ideal candidates all over the Internet and reduce spend on ads with no return on investment. Automated advertising budget management makes this possible, helping recruiters reduce cost-per-applicant by over 30%.

Recruiting automation can also improve your employer brand messaging. Many recruiters are turning to advertising automation tools to push out branded content that’s more appealing than your average job posting. Instead, job postings include content that highlights different employee experiences and paints a picture of the company’s culture.

Job advertising

Adstream helps brands and agencies to create, optimize, store and deliver content. Adstream promises to integrate all of your marketing processes, with end-to-end content intelligence and analytics that are said to increase efficiency and productivity.

Job advertising

Appcast helps you to post jobs across 10,000+ job boards and social sites to drive more active and passive candidates to your open jobs. They also let you set rules to stop spending money on candidates you don’t need.

Job advertising

JobAdx offers candidate targeting through data-driven ads that attracts candidates based on search preferences, click behavior and industry. Built-in quality controls like click-capping and apply-capping reduce duplicate applications and promote unique impressions. Their AI algorithms do all the work, automating the bidding process and freeing you to manage other tasks that can’t be automated.

Job advertising

Joveo is an agnostic job advertising platform, showing results across all publishers and all jobs, allowing for more informed and better decisions. It offers customized dashboards, configurable click tracking and reports, and an overview of spends and performance by every publisher. Joveo has a suite of features called Mojo that allows media buyers to do away with the day-to-day tasks. Instead, they can program the software to make bid and budget optimizations.

Job advertising

OnRecruit helps you gain insight into how you are performing, what outcomes you can expect and what you need to do to achieve your recruitment and business goals. By reviewing a dashboard which combines all of your different recruitment data sources (ATS, back-office, website and online marketing), our customers are able to achieve their business and recruitment goals.

Job advertising

PandoIQ is a programmatic job advertising platform that automates and optimizes job advertising spend. The platform features AI-enabled algorithms that use over 48 job attributes and more than 200 billion historical job performance data points to predict the optimal job advertising campaign. Proprietary algorithms fully-automate and optimize decision making during every stage of the job advertising process from job classification and targeted distribution to budget allocation and dynamic CPC bidding across an employer’s diverse job categories.

Job advertising

Recruitcs offers a consolidated dashboard of job advertising data, and makes optimizing job advertising campaigns easier. It is focused on improving conversion rates, reducing overspend and increasing exposure.

Job advertisingSocial recruiting

SmartDreamers claims they can automate any job portal or niche website in under fives minutes. They allow you to schedule ads and post on channels that lack APIs using robotic process automation (RPA), collect and centralize data with RPA to gain a complete picture of the candidate journey, and integrate your ATS and CRM. With RPA technology, SmartDreamers can collect data from even the most niche web channels. Recruiters using this platform can make apples-to-apples KPI comparisons between different sites, all from a convenient reporting dashboard.

Job advertising

SmartJobs is a job advertising platform that claims to use programmatic technology to reach the right candidates. With SmartJobs, you can boost your ad presence across job boards, niche sites, blogs, social sites, industry sites, and geo-specific sites with programmatic advertising. They automatically allocate budget towards channels, bringing in quality candidates and offering you transparency around job advertising spend, while letting you manage campaigns in real time from a centralized dashboard powered by sourcing analytics.

Job advertising

With TalentAds automated programmatic job advertising platform, you can reach both passive and active job seekers, reduce your overall media spend, optimize your recruitment budget, and always stay current, by receiving instant access in real time to how your job ads are performing from any device.

Job advertisingSocial recruitingCandidate nurturing

Talentify uses programmatic job advertising to enhance job distribution, generating more candidates for your jobs with the same budget you would have spent otherwise. It can help you automatically sync your jobs with Google for Jobs and provide a faster mobile-first application experience to convert more candidates. Talentify claims to give your candidates a better Facebook experience with Easy Apply, which syncs your current ATS to Facebook, and distributes an automatic candidate engagement sequence.

Job advertising

Wonderkind is a programmatic job advertising platform that helps corporations and staffing agencies create and execute high-quality Recruitment marketing campaigns. Using artificial intelligence, it helps recruiters reach top talent on the media channels they actually use.


Candidate rediscovery/ranking

For most of your open roles, you probably have multiple qualified candidates but you only hire one. However, in today’s job market, you can’t afford to lose track of great candidates with promising profiles.

If you’re not already building a talent pool of past applicants who may be qualified candidates for future roles, Candidate rediscovery/ranking technology is exactly what you need to start. This form of automation technology is used to help companies identify past candidates who might be a good fit for a current role, as well as for candidate scoring and ranking to speed up the selection process.

Candidate rediscovery/ranking

Brilent claims to successfully bring artificial intelligence to talent acquisition in an area it needs it most: candidate prospecting. With this tool, candidates and jobs automatically sync with your applicant tracking system and candidates are ranked against open jobs in seconds, automatically. In Brilent, actions taken make the system smarter and improve recommendations.

Candidate rediscovery/ranking

Career Spark is a self-serve system that leverages science and data analytics to drive better people decisions. Through a technology called What’s Next, Career Spark promises to fix the endemic problem of disengaged employees, turnover, too much bias, too little diversity, and bad hires.

Career Spark
Candidate rediscovery/ranking

HiredScore leverages the power of artificial intelligence to deliver hiring efficiencies, enhance talent mobility, and help large companies enable data-driven human resources. This platform helps you identify your best candidates with unbiased, real-time prioritization, and proactively surfaces past candidates and employees for new jobs. HiredScore’s AI for hiring proactively mitigates bias and understands cross-industry job and candidate types.

Candidate rediscovery/rankingResume screeningCandidate nurturingApplicant tracking

Hiretual’s AI engine will screen applicants based on your hiring project’s candidate persona with no manual effort or unconscious bias involved. Hiretual’s method for initial screening will rank all candidates/applicants inside a project. You can easily integrate your ATS or CRM with Hiretual, then import stale past applicant profiles through a file upload or direct API. Hiretual uses data fusion technology to refresh past applicant profiles with data from across the entire open web. Refreshed profiles are added to your talent pool, and its AI sourcing surfaces best-fit past applicants for your open roles.

Candidate rediscovery/ranking

Param allows you to rediscover past applicants from your ATS who would be a ‘‘best-fit’ for currently open roles. The tool also helps you target, engage and hire these candidates.

Candidate rediscovery/ranking

Restless Bandit’s solutions use artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning to increase applicant quality and reduce company spend on job advertising. Their flagship product uses talent matching algorithms to programmatically rediscover, and reach out to, the best candidates already in a customer’s applicant tracking system.

Pricing: Between $25,000/year and $50,000/year.

Restless Bandit
Candidate rediscovery/rankingJob advertising

SmoothHiring’s network automatically broadcasts your job description to many top job boards, increasing the number of candidates applying for your job. Its patented job-fit technology instantly identifies which applicants match your needs, reducing the time you spend going through candidates.

Pricing: No Posting Package (use the system to rank your applicants) – $299/job, Job Posting Package (help you find the right employees) – $399/job, Job Posting+ Package (adds LinkedIn to job postings) – $599.


Bonus: Don’t have time to check out every recruiting automation app? No worries. Download a free PDF version of the guide right here.

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